When we share our stories, understanding, empathy and trust grow. Our relationships improve and we get a stronger sense of community. At Heartlines, we’ve seen how story-sharing has impacted and connected thousands of people beyond anything we could have imagined. Here are some of those stories.

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My mother made it look easy

Many of us grow up thinking our mothers are supermoms, but it’s only when you become a parent yourself that you begin to really understand the sacrifices that make mothers real-life heroes.

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Motherhood brought me home

Motherhood brought with it a gift of love, but it also brought Morongoa necessary, tough lessons about life. When she became a mother, she began to understand her mother’s perspective. Read more

Pregnant at 17: All I wanted was to be free

Falling pregnant at age seventeen seemed to be the end of Nontokozo’s world. Her dreams had to be put on hold, and a degree seemed like a distant possibility. Read more

One can be free and still be a slave

Moss Ntlha reflects on life as an unfree person under the oppressive system of apartheid. He also offers encouragement for how to live fully as a free person in a democratic South Africa.

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I lost my daughter to cancer

Dear O, I miss you dearly, it’s been a while but I will be fine. Days are getting better, and everyone is doing just fine. Mommy is imagining a 20-year old you, in varsity and living your fullest life.

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Mitchells Plain exposed me to gangsterism

A potentially fatal eye operation and growing up in a community often notorious for drugs and gangsterism could not stop Lance from achieving his goals. Read more

I took his shame and made it my identity

The sexual abuse Connie endured while her family lived in a squatter camp was the beginning of a tough road that would include anorexia, drugs, abuse, infidelity, prostitution and her daughter’s suicide. Against all odds, Connie triumphed.

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I lost a loved one to domestic violence

Losing a loved one to domestic violence impacted Tebogo in a profound way. But then a trending hashtag #menaretrash, and a conversation with his wife, shifted his mindset even further. Read more