02 Feb 2021|Brian Helsby

Living with purpose during a pandemic

How do you live with purpose when it seems as if COVID-19 has stolen your ability to do so much? Senior Programmes Manager at Heartlines, Brian Helsby shares some thoughts on finding a way to live in these difficult times.

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26 Oct 2020|Heartlines

Re-finding fellowship in a COVID-19 world

This year, COVID-19 has forced the church to find new ways to fellowship and create connections in a sometimes isolated, fearful environment. So how have church leaders and communities been staying connected, and how are they reconnecting?

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20 Oct 2020|Heartlines

How to address our fears around reconnection as lockdown eases

As lockdown regulations continue to ease and people are reintegrating into social spaces, such churches, the fears of church leaders and churchgoers around the transition back into social connectedness need to be addressed.

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04 Aug 2020|Heartlines

The end of church as we know it

Taking your meetings online does not need to be complex or require huge financial commitment, it requires time and patience.

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25 Mar 2020|Heartlines

How Bridge leadership training works

Our church mobilisation team hosted a Bridge Leadership Engagement in Mbombela, Mpumalanga to equip church leaders with tools to help build better connections between members of their congregations and beyond.

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