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Change what you believe about money, and the values you associate with it – and you can improve your life.

We have a new Values & Money course for churches! Watch this video

You can run Values & Money in different contexts

For your church

Run the Values & Money course in your congregation or Christian organisation.

For teams/organisation

Run the V&M course featuring scenes from Nothing for Mahala in your company or team.

“… self-control in saving has radically changed how my husband and I set goals and work our way towards them”
Nothando Maposa


We have various multimedia resources to help you run Values & Money in different contexts. Sign up now or log in to get access to free resources!

Consumer Education Booklet

This consumer education booklet is designed to help people make the most of their money.

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Values & Money Study

Based on the film, Nothing for Mahala, and including a DVD with clips, this 6-week study course addresses the underlying values driving our behaviours and attitudes when it comes to money.

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My Money, My Values For Life

Based on the film, Nothing for Mahala, with a DVD containing clips from the film, this book offers three lessons to Grade 9 and 11 Life Orientation teachers on money values

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