Wisdom in Borrowing

Many of us believe that we can't survive without debt. ​

There are lots of reasons we get into debt: we want to invest in a house or a car, we need to pay student fees, or for many South Africans, we simply don't earn enough to cover our daily needs and expenses.

But a lot of us also get into debt because we want other people to be impressed by our lifestyles.

When we use sound judgement and learn from our experiences and those of others, it becomes easier to not get into bad debt. ​

Wisdom can keep us from making bad debt decisions. ​

Listen to Tshepo, Desmond and Andile's conversation about how to borrow money wisely

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Knowing when it's a good idea to borrow money, where to borrow from, and how much to borrow all requires wisdom. Andile talks to Heartlines facilitators Tshepo and Desmond about how to approach borrowing without getting into an unmanageable debt situation.

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