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Money Values Church Course

Money Values Church Course

At Heartlines, we tackle big societal issues. In South Africa, one of the biggest of these is money. It is a source of much stress, relational tension, corruption and crime.

We need to have right attitudes, values and behaviours around money.

Why should church leaders be interested in equipping people to live with a Godly approach to money? Because money problems affect everyone, especially in these tough pandemic and economic times. Money is at the heart of many marital and family conflicts.

Available courses are sometimes too detailed, too complex. Teaching and sermons are often not enough. Many people avoid getting help.

Heartlines is now offering a fresh new approach to tackling money issues.

We all do five things when it comes to money: we earn, spend, save, borrow and give

Our course examines our current attitudes, behaviour and values around each of these, such as:

  • Honesty in earning
  • Responsibility in spending
  • Self-control in saving
  • Wisdom in borrowing
  • Generosity in giving


The core resource is a multi-media, downloadable course on these 5 money activities. There are 6 modules – the first being “God, My Values and Money”. Each module is around 30 minutes long, comprising:

  • Biblical principles
  • Scriptures
  • Real stories
  • Tips and ideas on good practice
  • Individual and group reflection
  • Personal commitment for the future

Our resources have been developed after

  • Extensive research and interviews with experts, and our extensive experience in running programs
  • Reviewing what scripture says about money

Our resources are very flexible

  • Watch all modules in one session, or have multiple shorter sessions
  • A specific money seminar 
  • A small group, bible-study group 
  • Face-to-face or zoom
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Course Content

  • God, My Values and Money
  • Honesty in Earning
  • Responsibility in Spending
  • Wisdom in Borrowing
  • Self-Control in Saving
  • Generosity in Giving
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