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Live your values – change your world. Get access to free resources to help you live out positive values.

Fathers Matter
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Are you a dad or do you want to help men become more positively and actively present in children's lives?

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What's Your Story?
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Are you looking for ways to connect more with others in your family, community, church, school or workplace?

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Values & Money
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Could you use help with how you approach money? Our money values can help you shift your money attitudes and behaviour. 

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What we do

Promote Values

Heartlines is a social change organisation that encourages people to live out positive values. We do this through our projects.

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Produce Films and Resources

We produce films and multimedia resources to spark conversations around values, and to equip you to live them out.

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Facilitate Workshops

We facilitate values-based training, workshops and motivational talks for companies, organisations and groups.

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Conduct Research

Our work is steeped in research, ongoing M&E and a theory of change that informs our projects and resources.

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Heartlines produces award-winning films that use the power of storytelling to entertain and inspire viewers. Many of our long-term projects, such as What's Your Story? and Values & Money, are based on the films we produce. 

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To support his estranged son’s swimming aspirations, Amos, a reformed alcoholic, attempts to restore a derelict public pool but meets resistance from the community. Through patience, determination and courage, Amos’ selfless act ripples through Hopeville, inspiring others to take action and do what they know is right.

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Beyond the River

Two men from very different walks of life team up for the 120km Dusi Canoe Marathon. By opening up about their respective life stories, they break race, social and age barriers, forming a formidable bond. This film is inspired by the true story of Piers Cruikshanks' and Siseko Ntondini's 2014 Dusi journey.

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Nothing for Mahala

Axe lives in the fast lane and is spending a lot more than he’s earning. When his debts catch up with him and he’s sentenced to community service with a surly senior, he begins to wonder if the flashy life is worth the price.

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Heartlines 8 Films 8 Values

8 Weeks, 8 Values, 1 National Conversation. Heartlines’ founding campaign centred around these films, which were aired on public television and remain notable local productions. Each dealt with a specific value and used the power of story to share a message of hope and motivation for social change.

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Fathers Matter Film Series

The Heartlines Fathers Matter films are six different, compelling dramas that explore the complexities of fatherhood in South Africa today, where most children grow up in homes without their biological fathers.

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Bonolo Mokua

Taking care of your mental health, one step at a time

Prioritising your mental health can be a critical act of self-care and preservation, because when you are happy, healthy and content you are able to move through life and engage with those around you as the best version of yourself.

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Fikile Poka

Our unsung sheroes

For many women married to clergymen, there is little recognition of their existence and contribution to the growth of the ministries their partners are labouring in. We take a moment to honour them. 

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Fana Ndhlovu

Celebrating South Africa's youth

In a world where challenges and obstacles often seem insurmountable, the unwavering determination of our youth is truly inspiring. With their boundless energy, creativity, and hunger for knowledge, they represent the torchbearers of hope for a better future.

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Merrishia Singh-Naicker

Easter and wellness

Easter is here! As with most holidays and celebrations, it is festive and joyful, but it can also be a time of high stress, filled with its own expectations and demands.

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Heartlines 2023 staff retreat

The Heartlines team recently attended our 2023 staff retreat where there were great opportunities for learning, connecting and dreaming together. 

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Time to combat mental health stigma in the church

In recent years, the question of mental health has come to the fore, especially post the Covid-19 pandemic. In Christian communities, there is a stigma around seeking professional help.

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