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Heartlines is a social and behaviour change organisation that encourages people to live out positive values.

What we do

Promote Values

Heartlines is a social change organisation that encourages people to live out positive values. We do this through our projects.

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Produce Films and Resources

We produce films and multimedia resources to spark conversations around values, and to equip you to live them out.

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Facilitate Workshops

We facilitate values-based training, workshops and motivational talks for companies, organisations and groups.

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Conduct Research

Our work is steeped in research, ongoing M&E and a theory of change that informs our projects and resources.

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Beyond the River at the SAFF USA

Beyond the River will be screened at the inaugural South African Film Festival in the USA from 4 to 14 November.

"The river – the great divide – can be challenged but not conquered, bridged but not overcome, and the only way to journey beyond it, to the shore of the sweet forever, is to find a way to travel and navigate its treacherous waters together."
Gus Silber


Fathers Matter

The Heartlines project that supports the positive role of men in the lives of children.

What's Your Story?

A project by Heartlines to promote understanding, cohesion, trust and reconciliation through story-sharing.

Values & Money

Attitudes and behaviours around money are at the heart of many of our problems. We tackle this from a values perspective.

Values in Action

Based on the television mini-series Hopeville, this project encourages you to put values into action in all areas of life.

8 Films 8 Values

The first series of films produced by Heartlines to promote values.

Other Projects

Explore some of our other projects to promote values and bring positive change to South African society.


Heartlines produces award-winning films that use the power of storytelling to entertain and inspire viewers. Many of our long-term projects, such as What's Your Story? and Values & Money, are based on the films we produce. 


To support his estranged son’s swimming aspirations, Amos, a reformed alcoholic, attempts to restore a derelict public pool but meets resistance from the community. Through patience, determination and courage, Amos’ selfless act ripples through Hopeville, inspiring others to take action and do what they know is right.

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Beyond the River

Two men from very different walks of life team up for the 120km Dusi Canoe Marathon. By opening up about their respective life stories, they break race, social and age barriers, forming a formidable bond. This film is inspired by the true story of Piers Cruikshanks' and Siseko Ntondini's 2014 Dusi journey.

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Nothing for Mahala

Axe lives in the fast lane and is spending a lot more than he’s earning. When his debts catch up with him and he’s sentenced to community service with a surly senior, he begins to wonder if the flashy life is worth the price.

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Heartlines 8 Films 8 Values

8 Weeks, 8 Values, 1 National Conversation. Heartlines’ founding campaign centred around these films, which were aired on public television and remain notable local productions. Each dealt with a specific value and used the power of story to share a message of hope and motivation for social change.

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Access hundreds of videos, e-books and guides

Drive positive change in your organisation using our extensive library of free resources and courses, which you can access instantly when you sign up to our online resource centre.



A message from Heartlines CEO, Dr Garth Japhet

Dr Garth Japhet, Heartlines CEO, gives a round-up of how things went for Heartlines in 2020

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Edwin Arrison

Advent reflection for 2021

Edwin Arrison shares how the hope of Christ can change our perspective and focus in a chaotic, painful world.

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Craig Bouchier

Heritage Day reflections

In light of Heritage Day, Heartlines regional representative Craig Bouchier reflects on his own identity journey and the work being done to unite different communities after the recent unrest and violence in some part of South Africa.

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Heartlines Micro-Business Relief Fund – Update

The Heartlines Micro-Business Relief Fund was established to help business owners rebuild after being impacted by the looting and unrest in July. This is how things are going so far.

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Merrishia Singh-Naicker

The hope of Spring

Relationship and family therapist Merrishia Singh-Naicker shares her thoughts on how we can enter into the new season of Spring with renewed hope, even as we honestly face the reality of increasing violence against women and girls.

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Esme’s remarkable leadership has drawn aspirant young women to follow in her footsteps

From student activist to driving social change as an influential leader in major organisations. Esme Bowers shares her incredible journey.

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Heartlines Micro-Business Relief Fund

Heartlines, together with partners, aims to raise at least R10 million in order to provide once-off grants to micro-businesses damaged by looting, and connect them, where possible, to other sources of support.

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