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Empathy, understanding, cohesion, honesty – we recognise the words but do we really know what these values mean and how to make them part of how we live? At Heartlines, we’ve made it our mission to equip communities and individuals with the knowledge and tools to live lives that are based on positive values.

How do we convert people from talking the talk to walking the walk? By providing resources and practices that empower us to live as our best selves. We have produced movies, books, guides, audio and websites that can be used by groups and individuals to start conversations around values and help them make the shift to living them out.

Since 2006, Heartlines has helped many people change the way they view their world and how they interact in it. We harness the power of storytelling as part of the process because sharing and hearing others' stories can shift the way people think and act.

What we do:

Our key projects are:

  1. Fathers Matter – Understanding and encouraging the significance and importance of a present, positive father or father figure.
  2. What’s Your Story? – Cultivating acceptance, empathy and understanding of one another.
  3. Values & Money – Appreciating that living by positive values makes for a healthier approach to money.
  4. Values in Action – Extending compassion, building unity, making your community a better place to live.
  5. 8 Films 8 Values - Heartlines' founding campaign that used eight films to launch a national conversation about values.

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If you would like to find out more about our processes, please contact us. You can also download our What's Your Story? brochure below:

We firmly believe that better people, communities and societies come from a solid foundation of living out positive values. If you would like to become a Heartlines sponsor, partner or champion, contact us today.

Together, let’s create a better world, one story and lived-out value at a time.

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