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A project to support the positive, active presence of men in children's lives
Reflecting on your own father relationship?
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Find support organisations for your or your friends and family.

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Want to have a conversation about the films?
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Get discussion guides for the Heartlines Fathers Matter Films.

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Are you a father looking for resources?
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Get tips and resources to help you as a dad.

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Are you looking for church resources?
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Find out more about rolling out Fathers Matter in your church.

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Do you want resources for your organisation?
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Get resources to help fathers in your organisation or community.

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How can fathers get involved in ECD?
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Find out more about Fathers Matter's work in early childhood development.

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If you're wondering about the practical ways you can help take care of your child, why not check their Road to Health book and take them to the clinic for their vaccines.

Fathers learning to do their daughters' hair

“I trust daddy, but not when it comes to hair. He has no idea how hair works.” – Maisha Mashua

Maisha’s dad, Mahlatse Mashua, is on a mission to change that. He and some of his friends spent a morning with two professional hair stylists learning how to take care of their daughters’ hair. Watch their story.


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We want men to have a positive impact in children's lives

For boys who are growing up without their fathers around, male mentorship gives them important support and positive role models. 

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Sport and life come together at Stellenbosch FC

Watch the highlights of Fathers Matter's work with PSL team Stellenbosch FC.

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Bonolo Mokua

A happy Father’s Day for the dads of Alex

Making safe spaces for fathers and their children to spend time together in celebration of Father's Day.

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Passing down biking passion to the next generation

Ahead of Father’s Day on 18 June, Heartlines partnered up with the Ride with a Boy Child initiative, hosted by the Greater Soweto Bikers, to support fathers and bikers who want to be more actively involved in their sons’ lives.

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Fathers can be great caregivers

Old ideas about what a father should be and do are changing. It’s important to start having important conversations about how fathers can be present and contribute more to their children’s lives than just money.

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Papa do my hair

Is haircare a woman's job? Mahlatse Mashua doesn't think so. When his daughter asked him to do her hair while his wife was away, he realised he needed to learn some practical skills.

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