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A Heartlines project to support the positive role of men in the lives of children.
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"Globally, and in South Africa, there is a lack of awareness and understanding of the importance of fathers being positively present and involved in their children’s lives."
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Solomon Izang Ashoms

Lessons from a first-time father

Becoming a father can be scary. A dad reflects on some of the lessons he learnt when his first child was born.

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Choosing to write a new story: becoming a parent after a difficult childhood

After a challenging childhood, Quinton Pretorius and his wife have chosen to raise their children in a radically different way.

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Teaching first time dads to change nappies

A BBC News story about a midwife in Nigeria who is finding creative ways to support men as they become fathers.

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Discipline to equip, not to punish

Sonke Gender Justice MenCare Facilitator, Suleiman Henry, shares practical tips for dads on disciplining their children.

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When the mind struggles, the body lets you know

Many people are unaware that their persisting physical symptoms may have a psychological cause. It is more common to treat the symptoms with medicine, rather than deal with the real issue.

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Practical tips for working through hard emotions

We spoke to some experts to get helpful tools for when you are feeling overwhelmed or that your emotions are out of control and affecting the people around you.

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What to do with your feelings when everything is not ok

It's difficult for men to be vulnerable when life is hard. We look at some of the ways men typically respond when life is challenging, especially when they lose a job or source of income.

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