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Helping churches help fathers


Heartlines has an extensive network of reps and team members who support churches in running Heartlines programmes.

There are several ways for churches to engage with Fathers Matter. 

Use Fathers Matter resources

Fathers Matter Connect Groups

Fathers Matter Connect Groups are one of the best ways for churches to use Fathers Matter resources to start important conversations about fatherhood in their congregations.

We have a core module that we recommend all groups begin with, and more modules will be added to our resource library in time.

To find out more about how Fathers Matter Connect Groups work, click here.

Discussion starters

We also have shorter, once-off discussion starters that can be used to facilitate conversations in smaller groups or as a precursor to running a full Fathers Matter Connect Group.

Become a Fathers Matter Church

Fathers Matter churches are a growing group of churches who want to promote the active positive presence of men in the lives of children.

1. What is a Fathers Matter church?

It's a church that commits to:

  • Promoting the role of positively present men in the lives of children – in the church and broader community.
  • Developing a meaningful collaboration with Heartlines; and
  • Running any programme that promotes the presence of men in the lives of children – such as a Fathers Matter Connect Group.

2. Being a Fathers Matter Church gives you a unique opportunity to:

  • Strengthen family life in your church.
  • Increase men's involvement in their children's lives.
  • Help raise more men who will positively impact children in your community.
  • Strengthen your men’s ministry and help men's own father wounds to heal.
  • Alleviate the burden on single mothers in your community.
  • Reduce GBV (gender-based violence) in your church

3. How to become a Fathers Matter church

First, attend or host a Fathers Matter workshop.

Then, sign up for the Fathers Matter church commitments; and

Appoint a Fathers Matter Champion in your church to liaise with Heartlines.

4. How will Heartlines support your Fathers Matter church?

  • A Fathers Matter representative in your area will provide you with support.
  • You will receive our monthly newsletter featuring helpful information and stories.
  • You will become part of a network of "Fathers Matter" churches and you can participate in "Fathers Matter" events with other churches in your area.
  • The following resources will be available for you to use:
    • Connect Group Resources
    • Sermons
    • Tips for Dads
    • Group Discussion starters for connect groups
    • Discussion starters for the six films