Connect Group Core Module

This course is currently in a testing phase and we'd appreciate your feedback should you decide to engage with it. Please respond to our survey (which you can find online here) or email your feedback to

Heartlines is working to help change the issue of father absence in South Africa through its Father Matter programme, part of which includes the Connect Groups outlined in this resource.

There will be a number of modules available for Fathers Matter Connect Groups to work through together. This first module is the core module and is where you should start. From there, your group can choose which of the other modules they would like to do.

If you are running a Fathers Matter Connect Group, or looking to find out more about what it entails, we recommend you first work through our Facilitator's Toolkit here.

We also have this module available as a step-by-step course on our website. You can find it here.

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FM Connect Group Core Module
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If you are running a Connect Group in a church or faith-based context, we have a Christian version of the Core Module available here. 

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Christian Connect Group Core Module

This is the first module that a Fathers Matter Connect Group in a church or faith-based context should work through. It is designed to help start important conversations about fatherhood and is the foundation for all other modules. 

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