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A project by Heartlines to promote understanding, cohesion, trust and reconciliation through story-sharing.

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Like Water is for Fish by Heartlines CEO Dr Garth Japhet explores the power of story in our lives, how story has influenced him and how he's used it to influence others.

"An inspiring read that shows how stories and storytelling can change lives."
Lillian Dube

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"Dance chose me"

"Dance chose me. I guess I realised what I am here on earth for. This is my purpose. This is what I need to do. This is what I am called for." These are the words of Musa Motha, a disabled dancer who recently got one of the biggest standing ovations in the history of Britain's Got Talent.

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Grace and compassion – the cornerstones in my mental health journey

Akona did not let an attempted carjacking and psychotic episode derail her from being the mother her son deserves.

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Learning to walk again after a traumatic accident

Sphiwe's accident left permanent scars on her legs that drove her into hiding from the public, but now she walks with confidence again.

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A tale of reconciliation in Tshwane

Here's how What's Your Story? was used to start an ongoing process of reconciliation between church leaders in Tshwane.

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Sharing her story to heal the wounds of her past

She has no regrets about her past despite a childhood filled with abuse and trauma.Read more

Foreign nationals talk about their struggles in finding a home away from home

The Sister Mura Foundation is providing medical, financial, and emotional support while upskilling foreign nationals living with HIV/AIDS in SA.Read more

Share your story with us

Do you have a story that everyone needs to hear? Are you, or do you know of someone who courageously lives out values such as forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, understanding or reconciliation? Do you know of ordinary people in South Africa working together in extraordinary ways?

Then we need to hear your story!

We’re looking for stories that:

  • Help us to get to know and understand each other better.
  • Challenge us to look beyond our differences.
  • Inspire us about those who’ve overcome huge challenges.
  • Remind us that we really are better together.

Acceptable formats text, word documents, audio (mp3) and video (mp4)

The What's Your Story? project was made possible through the support of a grant from Templeton Religion Trust. The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Templeton Religion Trust.