I was abandoned at birth

From the time he was abandoned at birth, to when he eventually found his family, Innocent has struggled with belonging and identity. 

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It's not just a man's world

Sarah’s journey to embracing womanhood has taught her that she is free to be unique – and to make choices that empower not only her, but her family as well.

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I don't know where to place myself

Joao Pedro was born in South Africa to parents who are immigrants, and although he is proud of his Angolan-South African heritage, he still finds it hard to define his identity.

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They called me the little bastard

Blackie’s identity has been questioned from the moment he was born. He was born to white parents in apartheid South Africa, but he appeared coloured. His appearance made him a target for ridicule and cruelty.

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I have lived a life of pain

South African actor Israel Sipho Matseke Zulu (Israel Makoe) opens up about his name, growing up in Alexandra township and how being incarcerated changed his life. Read more

I knew I was dark before I knew I was black

Black is beautiful or is that light-skinned black? Zama talks about growing up with darker shade of skin compared to the rest of her family Read more