I didn't want to be a statistic

"I've got to make the decision, do I want to be a statistic, or do I want to be there for my girls?" Tracy and her daughters share their courageous story of leaving a home filled with abuse and violence.

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I took his shame and made it my identity

The sexual abuse Connie endured while her family lived in a squatter camp was the beginning of a tough road that would include anorexia, drugs, abuse, infidelity, prostitution and her daughter’s suicide. Against all odds, Connie triumphed.

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If I was black, it would have been worse

Despite the tragedy and abuse in his family growing up, Quinton believes life would have turned out far worse, had he been born black in apartheid South Africa.

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It all started when I was seven

Overcoming abuse is never an easy thing, especially if the abuse began in your childhood. Zandile, a brave young woman shares her story with us. Read more