I didn't want to be a statistic

"I've got to make the decision, do I want to be a statistic, or do I want to be there for my girls?" Tracy and her daughters share their courageous story of leaving a home filled with abuse and violence.

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I lost a loved one to domestic violence

Losing a loved one to domestic violence impacted Tebogo in a profound way. But then a trending hashtag #menaretrash, and a conversation with his wife, shifted his mindset even further. Read more

My attacker infected me with HIV

Eleven years ago, Romila was attacked and raped on her way home. Aside from the trauma of the initial attack, she later found she was HIV positive.

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It all started when I was seven

Overcoming abuse is never an easy thing, especially if the abuse began in your childhood. Zandile, a brave young woman shares her story with us. Read more