Black Twitter found my father in 24 hours

Sara-Jayne King tells us about how her mother gave her up for adoption in England and upon her return to South Africa, told everyone she was dead. She also tells us how Black Twitter helped her find her biological father in 24 hours.

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They called me the little bastard

Blackie’s identity has been questioned from the moment he was born. He was born to white parents in apartheid South Africa, but he appeared coloured. His appearance made him a target for ridicule and cruelty.

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I thought white people were more capable

A young black comrade in the armed struggle and an older white man conscripted to the army during apartheid South Africa find an unexpected point of connection. Read more

If I was black, it would have been worse

Despite the tragedy and abuse in his family growing up, Quinton believes life would have turned out far worse, had he been born black in apartheid South Africa.

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An Indian woman married to a black man

My father was not happy that I was dating a black man and found it extremely challenging to accept my relationship. Read more

A white young man at a Xhosa initiation school

Brandon and Yanelisa are friends who come from very different backgrounds: one of them is a white, English young man; the other a black, Xhosa young man. Read more

I knew I was dark before I knew I was black

Black is beautiful or is that light-skinned black? Zama talks about growing up with darker shade of skin compared to the rest of her family Read more