Healing the legacy of apartheid in Lenasia

Russel Abrahams, a pastor in Lenasia, is using stories to help bridge divides in his community and a neighbouring area.

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A lot of people can’t relate to how apartheid affected Coloured people

Growing up under the apartheid regime, René recalls how her own family was almost torn apart because of different skin tones.

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I was born into it

From the moment he was born, Judge Albie Sachs’ path as a revolutionary was set. He was named after Albert Nzula, an activist and writer.

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Residences were only for white students

When I applied to Rhodes University I was told there was no accommodation for me – their residences were for white students only. Read more

One can be free and still be a slave

Moss Ntlha reflects on life as an unfree person under the oppressive system of apartheid. He also offers encouragement for how to live fully as a free person in a democratic South Africa.

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I thought white people were more capable

A young black comrade in the armed struggle and an older white man conscripted to the army during apartheid South Africa find an unexpected point of connection. Read more

My neighbours thought I was a drug dealer

Growing up in Congo-Brazzaville, Cherry was encouraged to stand in solidarity with South Africans suffering under apartheid. Now living in South Africa Africa, he unfortunately is not seeing this solidarity reciprocated.

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If I was black, it would have been worse

Despite the tragedy and abuse in his family growing up, Quinton believes life would have turned out far worse, had he been born black in apartheid South Africa.

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Apartheid affected us all

In 2003 the white church leaders of our town repented to the black church leaders for the sins of apartheid. In 2008, we repented in the Mpumalanga government, and in 2017 we repented in Parliament.

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The apartheid secret police tapped my phone

From tapped phones to being banned from addressing large crowds. Listen to Brian share his story about creating a non-racial South Africa during apartheid in South Africa.

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