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Do you want to build a culture of respect and understanding in your school? Well it starts with three simple words: What's Your Story?

Every school is different. You can adjust the resources to suit your needs and implement WYS in three areas:

In school
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Get ideas and resources for assemblies, workshops and events at your school.

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In class
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Find WYS resources to help you create a culture of tolerance, cooperation and empathy in your classroom.

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After school
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Use WYS to empower your learners to make story-sharing a skill for life.

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Find out why What's Your Story? is so effective in schools

Share your story

Do you have a story that everyone needs to hear? Are you, or do you know of someone who courageously lives out values such as forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, understanding or reconciliation? Do you know of ordinary people in South Africa working together in extraordinary ways?

Then we need to hear your story!

We’re looking for stories that:

  • Help us to get to know and understand each other better.
  • Challenge us to look beyond our differences.
  • Inspire us about those who’ve overcome huge challenges.
  • Remind us that we really are better together.

Acceptable formats text, word documents, audio (mp3) and video (mp4)