Our Story

Once upon a time … a group of people were crazy enough to believe that their organisation – and the world – could become a better place if people began to understand each other better by sharing in each other’s stories.

What’s Your Story?
is an initiative of Heartlines, a social change NPO founded in 2002 in South Africa. What began as colleagues each sharing their personal story over a number of months, soon grew into a formalised tool to build better relationships, stronger cohesion, and a stronger sense of ‘us’.

The project was started in 2016, spearheaded by the award-winning film, Beyond the River, and supported by various printed, video and digital resources.

As Heartlines, we’ve seen how story sharing has impacted us as individuals, and connected us to each other in ways we never expected. And thousands around and beyond South Africa have experienced likewise.

To date, What’s your Story? has impacted over 14 609 lives, and has been rolled out in nine regions and 39 cities.

Watch the Beyond the River trailer