For fathers

For fathers

Why do fathers matter?

We believe that fathers really do matter. A lot. Research shows that children who grow up with a positive active male presence in their lives face a lower risk of economic and well-being challenges.

If you'd like to find out more, you can browse the stories on our site and read our research report.

How can I grow as a father?

If you're looking for help to grow your skills as a dad and become more active, positive and present in your children's lives, we have put together different resources to support you.

Get tips for dads

We've put together tip sheets for different ages groups to help dads be positive, active and present in their children's lives – at all ages and life stages.

Get resources

Get all the resources and online course content you need to start or join a Fathers Matter Connect Group.

Watch videos

We've created a catalogue of videos with inspiration, stories and information to encourage you on your fatherhood journey.

Get discussion starters

We've created these prompts to help small groups have discussions about their fatherhood journeys.

Where can I connect with other fathers?

Fathers Matter is committed to helping fathers connect with other men for support in their fatherhood journeys. We have several ways you can do this.


This page is for fathers, mothers and all those interested in father-related matters, to connect, earn and encourage one another.

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