Directory of fatherhood organisations

We partner with a number of organisations who do excellent work in fatherhood, supporting dads and mentoring boys and fathers. See the database below to find out more.


An online platform for parents, especially dads, to share in the “duality of parenting” — that being a parent can be fantastic, wonderful and beautiful, while also being exhausting, frustrating and awful.

Cool Dad's Foundation

The foundation seeks to address issues of fatherhood, with an aim to engage with fathers and remind them of their fundamental responsibility towards their kids. A cool dad is a present father.

Dad's the Word

Dad’s the Word was established as a support for new fathers and to provide relevant and reliable information to new parents.

Dads in the Picture

An organisation that promotes and encourages active and positive parenting amongst all fathers, supporting a healthy and conducive environment for nurturing the well-being of all children.

Department of Social Development

Its task is to develop and monitor the implementation of social policy that both creates an enabling environment for and leads to a reduction in poverty.

Father a Nation

An organisation that addresses gender-based violence, crime and fatherlessness by restoring and equipping men to be nation-builders, fathers and role models. We teach men to use their strength to love, serve and protect.

Fatherhood Foundation

A foundation with the mission of promoting excellence in fathering.

Fatherhood Friday

Uses social media platforms to change the narrative of fatherhood. Through a WhatsApp group, connect with dads from all walks of life to discuss specific topics.

Fathers in Africa

A non-profit organisation that supports fathers to be actively and positively engaged in their children’s lives. Their aim is to improve the health and well-being of all children and families.

Focus on the Family Africa

Serving families and providing care, advice, support and encouragement to families at every stage of life. Providing sound and practical family guidance based on Christian principles.

Future Kings

A mentorship programme that aims to help young men from underprivileged backgrounds realise their potential.

Grassroot Soccer

An adolescent health organisation that uses soccer to educate, inspire and mobilise youth to overcome health challenges, to live healthy, productive lives, and be agents for change in their communities.