Directory of fatherhood organisations

We partner with a number of organisations who do excellent work in fatherhood, supporting dads and mentoring boys and fathers. See the database below to find out more.

Growing up Without a Father Foundation

Assists fatherless children and fosters unity among men across all races, through various programmes that create awareness around the impact of fatherlessness on families and the nation.

Hope Restoration Ministries - Men of Hope

A men's ministry whose objective is to equip the men of Hope Restoration in their roles as men of God, whether married, single, older or younger.

Love Life (Boy Child Project)

This project aims to empower young boys to be better human beings that will be able to deal with life challenges well.

Mentor a Boy Child

An organisation that seeks to inspire young men and offer guidance on how they can be better men in society.


Offers psychosocial support into programmes and services for girls, boys and youth in east and southern Africa. Its vision is for all youth to enjoy psychosocial and mental well-being.

SAFV Famnet

Offers parenting skills and provides a network of support to parents from different family structures.

Save The Children - UK

Save the Children is an independent organisation in care and protection for children.

Sonke Gender Justice

A non-profit organisation that works across Africa. They believe women and men, girls and boys can work together to resist patriarchy, advocate for gender justice, and achieve gender transformation.

South African Human Rights Commission

The national institution established to support constitutional democracy. It is committed to promote respect for, observance of and protection of human rights for everyone without fear or favour.

The Character Company

A mentorship organisation where men and women work together to raise young boys with experiences of absent fathers to have strong values that will impact society in a positive way.

The Fatherhood Project

A research and advocacy intervention promoting fatherhood, initiating debate about how fathers might relate better to their children and researching South African men and their fatherhood role.

The Parent Centre

Equipping parents with effective, healthy parenting skills, so children will be able to reach their full potential and be protected from victimisation and abuse in communities free from violence.