Bukana ya Tataiso Dipuisanong Bakeng sa Dikereke

At the centre of Fathers Matter are six different films set in various places around South Africa. Each film is a deeply moving and inspiring drama that explores the complexities of fatherhood in South Africa today, where most children grow up in homes without their biological fathers. Each film is about 30 minutes long.

You can watch and download the films on our website or our YouTube channel.

This discussion guide based on the films can be used by churches or faith-based groups to:

  • Create awareness and start conversations about why a father should be positively involved in his child’s life – no matter how old they are.
  • Create a supportive environment and share resources that organisations and people can use to promote positive fatherhood.

NB – This material is designed to be used by everyone and is NOT just for men.

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  • Length: 28 pages
  • Language: Sesotho
  • Publisher Name: Heartlines
  • Date Published: Sep 16, 2022
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FM Films Discussion Guide – Sesotho
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How to use this discussion guide

While there is a synopsis for each film in this guide, your group will benefit the most if everyone watches the film before participating in the discussion.

  • Over a six-week period, arrange to meet weekly in small groups to watch and then discuss the films. Ideally, a group should include 6–10 people.
  • Appoint a person to lead each group.
  • Make sure that each leader has a copy of the discussion guide.
  • Encourage group members to watch the film each week: they can either watch at home and then meet together, or they can watch in groups at home or at church.
  • The synopsis should only be read out if there are people who have not watched the film.
  • Review the discussion questions for each film. Choose the ones that are most relevant for your context, given the time you have available.
  • Please note that some of quotes and scenes from the film may have changed during the final edit.
  • Read the wrap-up aloud to the group.
  • Pray as part of your preparation for the group discussion.
  • Trust God that the films and the discussion will have a meaningful impact.