Films Discussion Guide for Christian Youth and Young Adults

How to use this discussion guide

There is a summary of the film at the start of each section, but your youth group will benefit the most if everyone watches the relevant film before joining the discussion. You can find all our films here or on our YouTube channel here.

  • NB – This material is designed for all young people and young adults and is NOT just for boys or men.

  • For six weeks, arrange to meet in small groups or in your regular youth group to watch and then discuss the films. Each group should have 6 to 8 people in it. So, if your group is bigger than this, break into smaller groups.

  • Choose a person to lead each group.

  • Make sure that each leader has a copy of the discussion guide.

  • You can download as many copies of the discussion guide as you like.

  • Only read out the synopsis if there are people in your group who have not watched the film.

  • Go through the discussion questions for each film. Choose the questions that are most relevant for your context and for the time you have available. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE ALL THE QUESTIONS.

  • Read the wrap-up aloud to the group.

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  • Date Published: Sep 26, 2023
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Heartlines Fathers Matter Films Youth Discussion Guide
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