Values in Action

Our second big campaign began on 3 March 2009, spearheaded by the broadcast of the six-week series Hopeville on SABC.

Once again, we developed resources aimed at families, church groups, individuals, civil service and schools.

A new and fun element to the campaign, apart from the series, was a set of comedian-led short videos, under the banner of Random Acts of Kindness, which encouraged people to do things such as babysit a neighbour’s child, do a chore for an elderly person, clean up a public space, visit a police station to offer support (or a plate of biscuits!).

The campaign took us from the national values conversation which began in 2006 with the eight films, into putting our good values into action.

Our approach

Our foray into comedy extended into a series called Heartlaughs, which accompanied the Bible-Study resource, Values in Action, aimed at getting small groups to take on a values-based project in their community.

We estimated that 450 projects were launched during the six weeks of the campaign, but there were also several other projects birthed that continue today, such as forgood, Mentorship, Youth Academies and YCAP.

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