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Story is at the heart of what we do. Stories have the power to move us, change us, heal us and inspire us. We believe that films are an amazing way to reach people with memorable stories that can impact our hearts and minds – while entertaining us at the same time.

The award-winning films Heartlines has created also form the basis of many of our long-term projects. For instance, Beyond the River ignited our What's Your Story? work and Nothing for Mahala launched our Values & Money project. 

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Beyond the River

Two men from very different walks of life team up for the 120km Dusi Canoe Marathon. By opening up about their respective life stories, they break race, social and age barriers, forming a formidable bond. This film is inspired by the true story of Piers Cruikshanks' and Siseko Ntondini's 2014 Dusi journey.

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Nothing for Mahala

Axe lives in the fast lane and is spending a lot more than he’s earning. When his debts catch up with him and he’s sentenced to community service with a surly senior, he begins to wonder if the flashy life is worth the price.

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To support his estranged son’s swimming aspirations, Amos, a reformed alcoholic, attempts to restore a derelict public pool but meets resistance from the community. Through patience, determination and courage, Amos’ selfless act ripples through Hopeville, inspiring others to take action and do what they know is right.

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Heartlines 8 Films 8 Values

8 Weeks, 8 Values, 1 National Conversation. Heartlines’ founding campaign centred around these films, which were aired on public television and remain notable local productions. Each dealt with a specific value and used the power of story to share a message of hope and motivation for social change.

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