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Research / M&E

Research and monitoring and evaluation are an important part of all the work we do at Heartlines. We use research in all aspects of our projects, from their design through to their implementation.

Each of our projects starts with extensive research. We use research to understand social issues and to plan and develop initiatives to address these issues. The research we do includes literature reviews, expert opinion gathering and focus group feedback.

We also use monitoring and evaluation to understand how effective our projects are in the real world. For this, we do dipstick analysis and ongoing reviews once our projects are underway. This helps us to strengthen and adapt our work and to make sure we are on track to meet our goals for the work we do.

Heartlines also partners with external monitoring and evaluation specialists to assess the impact of our work.

Values & Money has been rolled out churches, businesses and organisations in conjunction with our film Nothing for Mahala.

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Heartlines Impact of My Money My Values
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We were funded by the Templeton Foundation to see whether the project

would have an impact if rolled out to schools and youth organisations.

An independent evaluation of our schools and youth initiative was carried out by Genesis Analytics.

Genesis and Heartlines also published a research paper on the evaluation, which you can download below.

My Money My Values Research Paper
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