Run Values & Money in your team or organisation

Money is on everyone’s lips: a few of us are swimming in it and lavishly spending it, some of us are doing crazy things for it, and most of us just want more of it – often at a great cost. Regardless of who you are, where you come from or what you do, money clearly matters.

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When money starts affecting work productivity
As a team leader, HR manager, CEO or head of an NPO, you’ll know that money problems impact how people show up at work. Whether it’s struggles to make ends meet on their current income, not being able to save for an emergency, being over-indebted, or difficulties making sound financial decisions, people are going through various financial struggles.

Sometimes this directly affects their work, for example, when someone doesn’t have enough transport money to get to work, or has a family emergency that suddenly takes them from work. Sometimes it indirectly affects their work: getting constant calls from creditors or loan sharks can cause people to be disengaged or distracted.

Your team needs a money values solution
Our Values & Money team is able to offer various services that can support you and your team when it comes to money matters. We offer:

  • Online money values training and support
  • On-site and off-site workshops and training (full day or over two days)
  • Access to a financial counselling directory
  • Values & Money resources produced by Heartlines 
  • Nothing for Mahala, our award-winning film: can be used as a teambuilding or as workshop to unpack basic financial literacy concepts [link to film]
  • Financial tips and podcasts on money values 
  • The 7-day money challenge.

Our Values & Money project aims to get the nation talking about money – for all the right reasons. When we change our money values, we’ll change our destructive money behaviours.

Ready to get started? Here’s how

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  3. Email us now to find out more about our money values workshops and trainings for your team.

Videos from our Values & Money series


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Consumer Education Booklet

This consumer education booklet is designed to help people make the most of their money.

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Nothing for Mahala

Nothing for Mahala tells the story of Axe, a man with a taste for the soft life who finds himself having to do community service at an old age home after his flashy lifestyle leads to trouble with the law.

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V M Study
Values & Money Study

Based on the film, Nothing for Mahala, and including a DVD with clips, this 6-week study course addresses the underlying values driving our behaviours and attitudes when it comes to money.

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