Honesty in Earning

It pays to make your money right! ​

No matter how much or how little money we deal with daily, we are all faced with choices that involve being honest about money – or not. Do we take things from work without our boss knowing? Do we put our real income on our tax forms Do we use our company's phone or resources for personal things? Do we pay the people who work for us fairly?

Being honest with money is more difficult when people around us are being dishonest. Crime, corruption, stealing, fraud and money laundering are all illegal things that happen because of people's dishonesty.

But we all have the chance to make better choices.

Listen to Jeff and Andile's discussion about honesty in earning

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Talking about money shouldn't be taboo. Heartlines facilitator Jeff Cele explains that we all have choices to make when it comes to money – including whether we will be honest about how we earn it.

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