Responsibility in Spending

Sales, specials, lay-bys, store credit – temptation to spend more than we have is everywhere!​

Being responsible with our money doesn't seem to be a popular message. Who wants to have the oldest phone, car or clothes? Who really wishes they had less money to spend on things? 

The way we spend our money says a lot about our values, what we believe about ourselves, and where we find our identity.

It's important that we look carefully at what causes us to spend the way we do and how we can make more responsible spending choices. 

Listen to Andile, Desmond and Tshepo's discussion about spending money responsibly

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We are responsible for where our money goes – and doesn't go – every month. Listen to Heartlines facilitators Desmond Chauke and Tshepo Sithole as they talk about responsibility in spending with podcast host Andile Maposa. 

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