"It's hard to hate anyone whose story you know."
Roslyn Bresnick-Perry, author

Stories help us break down mistrust and stereotypes. Watch these videos and start a story-sharing revolution.

If I was black, it would have been worse

Despite the tragedy and abuse in his family growing up, Quinton believes life would have turned out far worse, had he been born black in apartheid South Africa.

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I used to study maths in the toilet

Rechelle's exceptional talent for mathematics and her commitment to study and persevere have put Heideveld on the map for all the right reasons.

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My attacker infected me with HIV

Eleven years ago, Romila was attacked and raped on her way home. Aside from the trauma of the initial attack, she later found she was HIV positive.

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An Indian woman married to a black man

My father was not happy that I was dating a black man and found it extremely challenging to accept my relationship. Read more

A white young man at a Xhosa initiation school

Brandon and Yanelisa are friends who come from very different backgrounds: one of them is a white, English young man; the other a black, Xhosa young man. Read more

It all started when I was seven

Overcoming abuse is never an easy thing, especially if the abuse began in your childhood. Zandile, a brave young woman shares her story with us. Read more

I have lived a life of pain

South African actor Israel Sipho Matseke Zulu (Israel Makoe) opens up about his name, growing up in Alexandra township and how being incarcerated changed his life. Read more

I knew I was dark before I knew I was black

Black is beautiful or is that light-skinned black? Zama talks about growing up with darker shade of skin compared to the rest of her family Read more