09 Jun 2021|Neziswa Titi, Children’s Institute of UCT

Apartheid laws created the misery that SA’s children and their caregivers find themselves in

The Children’s Institute of UCT references Heartlines' Fathers Matter work on fathers in their research on bullying amongst children.

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11 Sep 2020|EWN

Present fathers provide important emotional support to children

Senior research specialist at the Human Sciences Research Council, Dr Tawanda Makusha, stressed the importance of fathers providing practical and emotional support to children.

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11 Sep 2020|Fourways Review

Non-profit organisation launches webinar series about fatherhood

Non-profit organisation Heartlines looks at research about the roles of fathers in South Africa during the first webinar in a four-part series.

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11 Sep 2020|Northcliff Melville Times

Research on the state of fatherhood in South Africa

The report indicates that although only 36 per cent of South African children live with their biological fathers, 71 per cent of South African children live with an adult male in the household.

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11 Aug 2020|Parent24

Heartlines study on fatherhood in South Africa: 'It's complicated'

While many children, raised by single mothers, grow up and thrive, for many others the absence of a positive and active presence of men in their lives puts them at risk.

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