The end of church as we know it.

Taking your meetings online does not need to be complex or require huge financial commitment, it requires time and patience.
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Church in the time of COVID-19

We’ve gathered some ideas to help you keep your church community strong and encouraged during COVID-19
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Caring4Carers Project

To hold up the arms of our Health Care Workers on the front line of the battle with Corona, both spiritually and practically, so they feel the love and support of their local Christian community.
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To Church leaders across South Africa

A message from Heartlines following President Cyril Ramphosa's decision to re-open places of worship during the national COVID-19 lockdown
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Mom to many

Mom to Many

Aside from their own four children, Charmaine and husband Kent are responsible for 54 children at The Almond Tree Foundation, a registered child and youth care centre.
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Virtual Prayer Walks

Trevor Jennings has been volunteering with the Transformation Christian Network for 15 years, focusing on reconciliation of communities and uniting churches. During the lockdown they have been hosting virtual prayer walks on Zoom.
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Stellenbosch unites

Stellenbosch Unites

Stellenbosch Civil Advocacy Network volunteers have put in more than 7 000 hours to date, helping feed more than 5000 families a week.
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Round-the-clock Prayer

Since Day 1 of lockdown, on the 27th March 2020, a 24-hour prayer watch started in the small town of Piet Retief has not stopped, and has now spread to a network of 400 people across 29 countries.
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