Beyond The River film heroes Siseko and Piers go neck-to-neck in canoe marathon

Heroes of Heartlines film Beyond the River Siseko Ntondini and Piers Cruickshanks went neck-to-neck in a recent canoe marathon Read more

How to address our fears around reconnection as lockdown eases

"We are all in different spaces of COVID-19, some have lost their lives. We are all affected but impacted differently, and we have to be mindful that our surviving and thriving depends on our interconnectedness" - Merrishia Singh-Naicker Read more

How to close the gap between a belief in good values, and ethical behaviour?

"...if you are involved in this heartless corruption which risks the lives of people and leaves the poor to live in abject poverty you are denying the very tenets of your faith." – Rev. Frank Chikane Read more

The State of South African Fatherhood: The webinar series

Here are the highlights of Heartlines 4-part webinar series on South African fatherhood. Read more

Church In Action wins award for COVID-19 support efforts

If you need accurate and engaging content to care for yourself and others during the time of Corona, visit the CIA website. Read more

Positive interventions for fathers

Heartlines hosts the fourth and final webinar in series on fatherhood. Read more

Heartlines lends its support to #OrangeMaskFridays anti-corruption campaign

By wearing an orange mask, people will be showing that they are taking a stand against the misuse of public money. Read more

How a father’s involvement in the first 1000 days shapes a child

Heartlines hosts the third webinar in a four-part series on fatherhood.
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Becoming Men! Overcoming toxic masculinities in South Africa

Heartlines hosts the second webinar in four-part series on fatherhood.
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The way we father can reshape the nation

Heartlines hosts first webinar in series on fatherhood.
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The end of church as we know it.

Taking your meetings online does not need to be complex or require huge financial commitment, it requires time and patience.
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Together while apart – doing church during a pandemic

One of the most powerful ways to connect and share our lives, even while physically distant, is through stories. Read more