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For youth groups

For youth groups

Storytelling comes naturally to young people and sharing in each other’s stories has emotional, social and physical advantages. If you’re interested in running What’s Your Story? in your youth group or young adults group, we have several courses and resources available to help you. If you haven’t already, please sign up to access all the courses.

You can view our range of relevant courses and resources below, or see our full range of courses here and resources here.

Nathan shares how storytelling can change a young person's life.

How to run WYS in your youth group

  • Look through the courses and resources below and choose the approach you think will work for your group.
  • Most courses work best for groups of eight people or less. If yours is bigger than this, we recommend breaking into smaller groups for the duration of the course.
  • Whether you’re a new or experienced facilitator, we recommend you go through our short course on how to facilitate a group before you begin leading a What’s Your Story? course.
  • You can use the online course structure and work through the content by downloading the relevant outline and videos for each week, or you can purchase hard copies of the DVDs and booklets for your chosen course.
  • If you’d like to run What’s Your Story? in a larger context, view our resources for church, school and workplaces, or browse our full range of courses and resources. 
  • If you would like help with running What’s Your Story? please contact our team.

Courses for youth groups

“WYS has really changed me a lot. I am no longer judgmental of others. I respect people as they are. I try my best to understand why people behave the way they do and why they are the way they are. I know that there is a story behind every person’s life.”
Research participant

Resources for youth groups

WYS for Small Groups Cover

WYS for Christian Small Groups

This four-session journey will help build relationships and a stronger sense of community within and beyond your small group.

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Read more about WYS for Christian Small Groups
Ask Listen Tell Cover

Ask. Listen. Tell.

In this mini resource, Ask. Listen. Tell, we explore how to create safe spaces for story-sharing.

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Read more about Ask. Listen. Tell.
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Empathy: Ask. Listen. Tell.

At the core of WYS is the value of empathy. This animation unpacks empathy and the values of Ask, Listen, Tell in a simple way. 

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Read more about Empathy: Ask. Listen. Tell.
Whats Your Story for Youth Groups Cover

Story-sharing for Church Youth Groups

This is a resource that uses the film Beyond the River to help build a stronger sense of community and connectedness among young people. 

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Read more about Story-sharing for Church Youth Groups