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WYS for Christian Small Groups

WYS for Christian Small Groups

Welcome to our small group story-sharing course!

This four-session journey will help build relationships and a stronger sense of community within and beyond your small group.

Whether you’re a new or experienced facilitator, we recommend you go through our short course on how to facilitate a small group before you begin.

You can buy a hardcopy of the WYS for Small Groups resource and Participant’s Workbook through our online store or you can use the downloadable PDFs below.

In these sections, you’ll find helpful tips for facilitators and the breakdown for each session, including a pdf summary from the printed resource and the videos for the session.

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  • 4 Sections
  • 4 Videos

Course Content

  • How the course works
  • Your facilitator checklist
  • Session 1: Connecting through story
  • Session 2: My story. Your story. Our story.
  • Session 3: Going beyond – the stories of others
  • Session 4: Creating a culture of community
  • Full resource
  • Share your feedback