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Story-sharing for Youth Groups

Story-sharing for Youth Groups

This is a multimedia resource for building relationships both within your youth group, as well as beyond it. It provides lessons for your youth group to build a stronger sense of community and connectedness, through discussion groups and sharing in one another’s stories.

What to expect from this resource

Through this resource, we’ll equip you and your church youth group to:

  • Use the values and practice of story-sharing as a first step to help youryouth to love their neighbour.

  • Have meaningful discussions around the theme of cultural connectedness.

  • Over time, start building a culture of story-sharing and a stronger sense of community in your youth group and church.

If you would prefer to use the pdf version of the resource, you can download it here

Lesson 1

This lesson includes activties for the group to begin to get to know each other better. Clips from the film Beyond the River and discussion starters aimed at creating greater understanding among participants.

Lesson 2

This lesson is designed to help your youth group realise the importance of building deep and meaningful relationships, and to create trust and understanding through storytelling.

Using a set of questions, participants get the opportunity to share something of their personal stories in small groups.

Lesson 3

This lesson explores the power of diversity and the need for young people to build meaningful relationships with people of other cultures. The lesson includes video clips of youth sharing their views. The videos act as discussion starters.

Some guidelines on using this course

  • Leaders are strongly encouraged to arrange access to the necessary equipment beforehand (TV or data screen and DVD player/computer) to be able to show the video clips.
  • Each lesson is designed to last one hour but can be adapted to be shorter or longer.
  • For personal storytelling to be effective, leaders need to consistently emphasise the importance of respect, trust and empathy.
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Course Content

  • Introduction
  • What is What's Your Story?
  • Small groups
  • Lesson 1: Beyond the River
  • Lesson 2: Ask. Listen. Tell.
  • Lesson 3: Building relational bridges
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