Story-sharing for Church Youth Groups

With so much communication happening through technology, many young people are starting to feel disconnected, isolated and lonely. Regardless of how many friends, fans or likes we have on social media, nothing compares to a kind word delivered in person from someone who cares for us, or the supportive hug of a real friend.

As Christians, we have a unique opportunity to build the type of community our young people are longing for.

This is a multimedia resource for building relationships both within your youth group, as well as beyond it. It provides lessons for your youth group to build a stronger sense of community and connectedness, through discussion groups and sharing in one another’s stories.

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  • Date Published: Jul 20, 2021
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Whats Your Story for Youth Groups
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Getting to the dam on time
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Language barriers
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Do you know my story?
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Dealing with prejudice
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