14 Apr 2022

Why vulnerability and failure are important parts of our story

Heartlines CEO Dr Garth Japhet was hosted on a Gautrain e-Lounge session to discuss his book Like Water is for Fish and his insights into the power of storytelling. 

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10 Nov 2021

Finding people on different places in their journeys

Watch Heartlines CEO Dr Garth Japhet in conversation with author and psychologist Dr Melanie Katzman about the Heartlines story, how story helps us engage with people, and how story is fundamental to our existence as humans.

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05 Mar 2021|SABC News

It's one thing to have a dream, it's another to see it happen

In an interview with Nastassia Arendse on SABC's Books On Point, Dr Garth Japhet gives a glimpse into the ways his new book Like Water is for Fish celebrates, explores and encourages the power of story.

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05 Mar 2021

To awaken us all to the power of our own stories

In an interview on SABC's Morning Live show about his new book, Heartlines CEO Dr Garth Japhet reflects on the purpose and power of story.

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