We got by each day even though we were not rich

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My name is Mashudu. I am a young woman from Limpopo. I grew up surrounded by both my parents and grand parents. We were not rich, but we got by each day.

After I completed my matric in 2008, I had already applied at a University. I had achieved distinctions, so acceptance was easy, but I knew that my family would not have the money. My mom and my grandmother (who was now a widow after losing my grandfather the year before) did all they could so that I could register and I started applying for study loans. These loans didn't cover all the needs so my family still needed to assist. My struggles drove my parents apart leaving only my mom to deal with everything.

To cut a long story short, after all the sleepless nights, the no-food nights, no-warm-clothes winters and everything else, I graduated with an engineering diploma and I am working, studying further and engaged to the most amazing man. I can now take care of my family.

My biggest lesson is "circumstances must not cloud your vision to see the bright future ahead of you".


Drowning in debt

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