A generation’s cry for a father


Father's Day and Youth Day are celebrated quite close to each other and, in 2014, right alongside each other.  Is there a link between the two days? Malachi 4:6 suggests so.

This sermon outline explores the link between Father's Day and Youth Day; the important role a father plays in the life of a young person; the significance of the father's blessing; the meaning of fatherhood and Christian manhood, and the mark of a man.

Key themes: Fatherhood / Father’s Day / Masculinity / Youth Day / Identity

Key scriptures: Malachi 4:6 / Genesis 27:26 / John 1:14 / Eph. 6:10

Author: Olefile Masangane

Download the sermon outline: Next to me_Fatherhood_OlefileMasangane 


I blamed my father for the death of my brother.

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