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eNCA Interview: Absence of fathers has a negative impact on children | Research


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A kid need to be raised by both parents, they need mother and father's love and guidance when they grow up, it's hard to be raised by one parent, it doesn't matter is father or mother it's just hard, parents must respect their kids, as parents we must try to avoid any thing that can lead to separations

When the father is not around the danger is to replace him with someone that proves to be too much or too less of a parent not the absence. In our culture you get about five fathers and grandparents.

In an ideal world, in ALL "cultures" a child has multiple parents

I will be spending some quality time with my daughter this weekend and i call her every time. 😍😍😍 The only time I will be absent, I would be death

Depends on so many factors in the life of that child... can't be based on father figures. Hurts more if that father is only there when it suites him. More emotional scars. Either be in the child’s life or get out. Don't confuse children. And if the mother is stable with family support or friends the child will be happy and normal...life is full of bumps..

I'm doing just fine, was raised by my mom and have never had a father figure so ideally I'm at a point of not understanding the role of a father in a person's life. That’s my truth...these things I only see on TV

I was raised by my brother. It's hurts me so much that he is no more. I'm going to do anything in my power to help my Brother s wife to raise they sons. I will do anything that promise I've made to my late brother. I know the pain of growing up without parents. Everyone who got both parents be thankful. Don’t you dare complain.

I was told to stay away from my daughter by her mom she even told me she will go and do a protection order against me if I don't do as she told me I don't remember doing anything wrong to harm her I really love my little princess

Ideally should be best to have both parents in a relationship. Some families have absent mothers too, which can also be bad for kids.

Not all Children✋ Don’t involve us on a study u didn’t do on us. I was raised by a single mother and I came out all fine Stop Generalizing.

I was raised by a single mother too. But that doesn't mean she played both the role of a father and that of a mother. I had to look up to my pastor as a father figure.

Some father's don't want to be there for their kids and no one should force them to be father's to their children They will grow up one day and want to be father's and it will be too late because they choose to be sperm donors.


Funny how some argue against these stats because they don't fit into their subjective narrative, but on the other hand, they will only agree with those that support their worldview. Facts don't care about your feelings.

Its high time the justice system of this country realy takes a serious look into parental alienation and do something drastic about it. Not all fathers are dead beat runaways. Not all parents are good parents be it mother or father. It has been a forever challenge for fathers to be a part of their children lives because of a narcissistic bitter mother. The justice system denies a present father his rights and always sides with the mother. Why is mother always seen as a primary care taker? Why why why? No court appointed her as such.

I so agree mom of 2 single raising my kids alone i see it how they long for their fathers

Some father don't want to be apart of their children's lives. Can't force a man to do the right thing.

very true, but if employed they should b forced thru law to maintain their kids... myview

yes I agree with you..they should maintain their kids even though they don't want a relationship with them

eeish that's a very hard one how can u force someone to maintain his child , no I would never do tht , coz he knows he has a child why must we force him for maintenance hai

I sometimes think tht wht if this person ends up killing this child bcoz he is now forced to maintain , cruel world tht we live in struu

No man can stand an abusive and disrespective woman.. woman stop wasting time blaming man. Examine yourselves first.. man love their kids.

This study is rubbish. The lack of fatherhood is not linked to unemployment. There are many mothers who are unemployed but they dont abandon their children. There are many countries that are poorer than SA but the parents raise their children together. A person who abandons their child does so out of depravity

Countries differ, you cannot just compare one country with another

fathers want to take part in their children's upbringing but bitter and jealous exes are a stumbling blocks..


I'm at comfort seeing this. Once parents separate, the society always blame the father for "running away". Nobody wants to talk about some fathers who are pushed away by bitter and evil grandparents and baby mommas! Thank you,atleast there's a few on the other side, would have loved to see it coming from a female though ❤

I am still lucky to be raised by both biological parents, and without them I guess I could have had bad decisions.. In 2005 when I was 10yrs, I did not know that I would one day be a father, then now I am able to be with my child cause I love them{mother and child}... But to those fathers out there who run away, there is no sensation of responsibility, and women will judge us from that.... Though some fathers run away because of baby mama's, that could not be a true reason for leaving that relationship.... Man was built to struggle against difficult odds....i hope wankwa ko morago MO!!

Many single fathers are denied to live with their children. But new research from me shows that the absence of fathers is caused by stubborn n selfish mothers.

Yes absolutely, grew up without father figure is bad thing . Most people raised by single mothers are capable of doing worst things through out their lives due to lack of discipline. Women are the main factor of all that for pushing away baby daddy

Men have been running away from responsibility ages ago it had nothing to do with baby Mamas denying them access to their kids. And saying lack discipline in children is because they are raised by women well that’s just an attack nje I know people who grew up with both parents and still behave like hobos. It’s not a matter of who raised u, it’s all about how one was raised period.

you are 110% wrong I know many people who are raised by single mothers and turned out to be even better than those who were raised by both parents I'm one of them

Presh Dollar you can't say that and generalize! Yes fathers run away,but who wants to talk about fathers being pushed away? Situations aren't the same and Nabwedza is absolutely right! I am a victim I know what he means, even the law does not get involved when it's the father fighting to be part of his baby's life.

I wonder if you say single mother those people didn't get the kids from heaven the father is there but they are denied access to their because you find the kids with their mothers surnames which means nothing for the father only the DNA no matter they is no wedding let them have our surnames

The study is absolutely wrong...i am a 16 year old girl and I was raised by my single mom even now while my dad is alive and am just doing fine with my mom☺️like she's not rich but I got everything I want in life and I see my dad most of the time but I just don't wish to have him in my life,am fine with my mom😍.

it's wrong dear.... No child should be brought up by a single parent...I totally disagree with u...I too was raised by a single mom but there were days I wished I had the protection of my dad Nd his love... My brother was worse off as he needed his father... So u would be lying if u saying a single parent raised u well...there will always be that longing and empty space...

Shout out to all those mothers who raised their children (including my mom) without deadbeat fathers. I was raised by single parent, I don't recall getting out line not even once during my days of school. I obtained two University qualifications, ngithi nje shout out you're doing great job.

Before saying the study is trash or anything. Provide your own study that falsify it. Cos in philosophy or science you don't just open your mouth just because you have one. No one is fine remember that, there are other psychological aspects that each and everyone of us lack. Cos if everyone was fine the world wouldn't have any problems.

This is not new. And the social grants system encourages women to "marry the state" rather than the child's father as it is only then that they receive the grants.

There is a book called unfathered if you're a single parent or having a child with absent father problem it's good to read it

There are many issues involved in this, so i think people should consider their opinions very carefully. Before they start lashing them out.

It's so funny becoz some father's are not even father figures the way they behave.

New research? You just have to look at Cape flats ti see the impact of fatherless children.......nothing new @all.

This is not a new thing, I was raised by my mom and here I am grown up.

More research should be done on what leads to the absence of fathers

The study is absolutely wrong

sounds like a kid raised by a single mom

There are many of these studies. Poor Single parent house holds are more likely to produce criminals

Who Funded This Stupid Research? Many Single Fathers Are Also Doing An Amazing Job Of Raising Their Children. Why Should Should These Single Parents Be Congratulated For Doing Their Job..!!

thanks bro i have said this before its high men come together for themselves because the world never recognize the efforts of men instead its only praising women and giving them more power, you can never hear or see the media praising single fathers but there's lots of men caring for their kids more than the mother, everything is about women.

Are there single fathers and absent mothers? I'd like to hear about that too. Not the narrative being pushed on a daily basis to advance a sexist agenda.

Who will speak for single fathers? We never talk about them at all as if they are not worth talking about?

What about kids raised by single fathers?

What about single dad's?

My baby mama kicked me out of my child life with her family bcz of me struggling to find a job. I was told that I'm a useless father nd that I will never see my child again .I went to the police and social workers .I didn't get help .I want to let the government knows about that too some of us man we are faced with that problem. Nd NO one want to discuss that matter

the correct channel is the office of family advocate part of Dept of justice & it's free of charge

Bare rata fela gere šoma (they only love us when we work)

What makes this situation worse is when the s!ngle mum verbally abuses the son just because baby daddy dumped her for trapping him . Lets not even start with s!ngle mums who are narcissist ....


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