Prestigious award for HEARTLINES Series.

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The Andrew Murray – Desmond Tutu Prize for the Best Picture and Sound Production was awarded to Executive Director Dr Garth Japhet and the HEARTLINES team at an exclusive ceremony in the Boland town of Wellington, Cape on May 31.

This local, public recognition of the 8 films that were broadcast on all SABC channels last year that were accompanied by a national conversation on values, has been affirmed by the accolades received from all segments of society.

“On the assumption that the promotion of values, using God as the authority base is the most effective way to deal with major social problems, you contributed significantly to nation building and transformation in South Africa.” – from the citation that accompanied the trophy.

In what previously has been confined to Afrikaans theological publications since the Andrew Murray Prize was first awarded in 1979, the Andrew Murray-Desmond Tutu Prize was instituted this year in the new categories of English Literature and Film Production.

“The historical symbolism of a prize named after two such distinguished theologians as Dr Andrew Murray and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu is truly inspiring and HEARTLINES is privileged to be the first recipient in this inaugural category.” said

Dr Japhet

Other recipients in the new English category were Prof Wentzel van Huysteen for his book “Alone in the world? Human Uniqueness in Science and Theology” and Prof Cornel du Toit for his article “Secular Spirituality versus Secular Dualism: Towards post-secular holism as a model for a natural theology”.


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