Heartlines Wins World Vision Award

For the past two years World Vision Africa has offered an award for the member organisation who has supported child wellbeing in the past year. We are incredibly humbled to announce that Heartlines, the Centre for Values Promotion, has been chosen as the recipient of this award!

Natalie Turco, of the Association of Christian Media had this to say when presenting the award:

"This trophy is awarded to the member who has done the most to promote the well-being of children in South Africa over the past year.

The member who has won this award has used both their reach and creativity to create programs which deal with important issues that affect children in the media. In particular, the way that they have used media to address HIV and AIDS is commendable.

Among their many projects they have developed “Stories that Talk”, a story book for ages 3-8, available in 11 languages, which parents, care-givers or teachers can use to encourage early literacy skills and learning around values.

They also have a youth magazine which helps young people take action in their communities. It is a step-by-step guide to undertaking values-based projects, with inspirational stories, ideas for action and contacts. Young people in classrooms, youth groups or families use this guide to tackle issues they see in their school or community.

They promote a society with good values at its heart, and all of these have a profound impact on children and on the quality of life they lead.

The winner of the World Vision South Africa Trophy for Child Well Being is Heartlines."

We are grateful for the award and continue to celebrate the crucial work of World Vision and the Association of Christian Media.

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Heartlines board member, Esme Bowers, receives the World Vision Award for Child Wellbeing presented to Heartlines