Church In Action wins award for COVID-19 support efforts

COVID-19 , Church in Action

The Church In Action (CIA) website continues to provide accurate and engaging multimedia content in written, video and audio format with helpful tools to take care of yourself and others during the coronavirus pandemic.

In recognition of this, the Association of Christian Media (ACM) recently announced that the church in action campaign had won an ACM award for its response to the pandemic. The ACM acknowledged the campaign’s efforts to produce and distribute content that has been helpful to churches, communities and individuals by providing practical and emotional help in the face of the pandemic. Heartlines developed and has been managing the campaign on behalf of the South African Council of Churches, with support from the Solidarity Fund.

As information around the coronavirus changes, so does the content provided by CIA.

With the country moving to Level 1 lockdown, visitors to the website will find updated information on funerals and church services from Monday.

The audio-visual content such as the Meet Sam campaign has also been regularly updated, and continues to encourage behaviour change, giving practical ways in which to care for your loved ones.  As COVID-19 regulations loosen, South Africans will have more physical contact with one another; which means it has become increasingly important for everyone to take responsibility for their personal actions.

The site continues to be responsive to the needs of South Africans by giving timely, accurate information using story and the real-life experiences of ordinary people to make the content engaging and demonstrate empathy.

Most of the content is available in South Africa’s 11 official languages and is easy to share with others by mobile and on social media.

Visit the website at:

The WhatsApp line is still available, however, the number has changed. Click here and WhatsApp ‘Hi’ to 011 241 7800 to receive updated content on your mobile phone.

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