About us

Heartlines promotes positive values through stories and media.



At Heartlines, the Centre for Values Promotion, we believe in the power of story to touch hearts and transform behaviour.

We are a media NGO that produces and promotes stories on values-related themes. Our stories are in the form of films, printed resources, books and digital media. Using our stories and media resources we engage with communities to start conversations on values.

These media resources can be used in families, workplaces, churches, schools, lecture rooms, faith-based groups, prisons, municipalities … just about anywhere and everywhere people meet to share stories.

Founded in 2001, we believe that values and storytelling are at the heart of all behaviour change. Our CEO and founder is Dr Garth Japhet, an Ashoka and World Economic Forum fellow, and also the founder of Soul City.

As the Centre for Values Promotion, our vision is to be the voice of values in South Africa, and the go-to hub for engaging values content. Values are our heartbeat and stories are our currency.


Media campaigns

In 2006 we produced 8 values-based films which launched a national campaign, ‘8 Weeks. 8 Values. One National Conversation.’ These films went on to win numerous awards, including the Durban Film Festival and the Banff World Television Awards.

In 2009, we launched the campaign ‘6 Weeks of Values in Action‘. Our flagship was the series and later on the film Hopeville, which won many awards including a Rose d’Or, two SAFTA awards and an international Emmy nomination.

In 2013 we launched Nothing for Mahala: a campaign on Values & Money. Spearheading this campaign is the comedy, Nothing for Mahala, starring Thapelo Mokoena, Marius Weyers and Jamie Bartlett.


Printed resources

FOR OLDER CHILDRENSupporting each of our films is a host of printed resources that can be used in churches, faith-based groups, schools, families, workplaces, municipalities, correctional services, or any other formal or informal small group.

Using clips from the Heartlines films, these resources allow deeper conversation and reflection on the values promoted through each media campaign.

To order or find out more about our resources, explore our Resources section.