How do I use the WYS Church Toolkit?

There are two ways in which the WYS Church Toolkit can be used:

1. The complete WYS Church Toolkit experience

  • The complete WYS Church Toolkit offers you various tools and ideas for introducing personal storytelling in your church, small group or Christian organisation – as well as ideas for making storytelling a habit beyond your church.
  • Whether you’re a small or big church, whether you have small groups or not, whether you want a once-off or a long-term encounter with storytelling, this resource has something for everyone. Think of it as a toolkit that offers you many different tools and gadgets to become part of the “storytelling revolution”.
  • Order the WYS Church Toolkit at our online store

2. The WYS Bible Study for Reconciliation & Cohesion

Your WYS facilitator checklist

  1. Sign up and complete your profile at
  2. Order the complete WYS Church Toolkit, or download the 5-session Bible study below
  3. View, read and download all the materials and videos you need for each session
  4. Be prayed up and prepared
  5. Make sure all your materials and technical aids are ready and working
  6. Get ready for a great adventure in story-sharing.