Life Orientation: Telling

Welcome to our toolkit for using What's Your Story? in your Senior Phase Life Orientation lessons. These resources are categorised into two sections: asking and listening and telling. We recommend you always begin with asking and listening to build a helpful foundation for your learners. View the content for asking and listening here.

In this section, there are four lesson plans that cover two topics. The lessons include presentations, keywords, handouts and audiovisual materials, which can be viewed and accessed directly from each lesson section, or downloaded individually from our resources page.

In addition, we have several teacher training videos that can be downloaded or watched online in preparation for taking your learners through this course:

We also have a PDF of all the lesson plans available, if you would prefer to use them that way.

Topic 1: Development of the self in society

Guide learners to achieve their full physical, intellectual, personal, emotional and social potential.

    • Lesson 1: Our emotions
    • Lesson 2: Safe spaces

    Topic 2: Health, social and environmental responsibility

    Develop learners’ skills to respond to challenges, and play an active and responsible role in the economy and society.

    • Lesson 3: Processing my story
    • Lesson 4: The river of my life