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Telling Workshop (Half Day)

Telling Workshop (Half Day)

Essential question:

What is my story and how does it connect to your story?


Empathetic people aren’t just skilled at navigating other people’s emotions, they’re in touch with their own feelings too. Self-awareness is a foundation for empathy. The workshop introduces personal story sharing through visual representation, written work and practical activities. The workshop will also allow learners to make visual connections with the experiences of their classmates.

The learners will come out seeing that there are far more things we have in common with others, than differences. It also shows how love and acceptance among people can flow when they realise that they don’t have to maintain artificial boundaries or boxes.


  • Emotional awareness
  • Mood index
  • Emotion RULER
  • Self-awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Public and private telling

      Workshop outline

      Activity: Pass the dace15 min
      SECTION A: Emotions
      Activity: What do I feel?5 min
      Activity: Emotional awareness15 min
      SECTION B: Story-sharing
      Activity: My story in post-its20 min
      BREAK15 min
      Activity: Save the last word for me50 min
      Activity: All that we share20 min
      Activity: Stew pot10 min
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      Course Content

      • Introduction
      • Section A
          Activity 1: What do I feel? (5 min)
          Activity 2: Emotional awareness (10 min)
      • Section B
          Activity 1: My story in post-its (20 min)
          Activity 2: Save the last word for me (50 min)
      • Conclusion
          Activity 1: All that we share (20 min)
          Activity 2: Stew pot (10 min)