What's Your Story? for Campus Students

This resource aims to take you on an experiential journey in personal storytelling. It sets the tone for why humans are wired for story, and showcases the power of story for you, your campus and society.

It will inspire you with the stories of other students, and challenge you to engage deeper with your own story. It will nudge you to go beyond your comfort zone into making more meaningful connections. You can use it in your dorm, in your lecture hall, your society, group, sports team or in your family.

More practically, it will equip you with a simple framework for personal storytelling: Ask. Listen. Tell.

If the world beyond campus is rich in diversity,
we can choose to limit ourselves by only forming inclusive relationships, or we can choose to be courageous and embrace a richer, radically inclusive approach to our days on campus – and beyond.

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WYS for Campus Students
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