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Asking and Listening Workshop (Two Day)

Asking and Listening Workshop (Two Day)

This two-day workshop aims to encourage learners to better understand how they view the world – what assumptions do they make about others, and how can they challenge these? As well as exploring how to grow in asking and listening skills as part of learning how stories connect us to others.

Day One Outline

The name game10 min
My frame20 min
Share images of film characters10 min
Watch Beyond the River1 hr 51 min
Our bias20 min
Frame and bias10 min

Day Two Outline

Two truths, one lie30 min
I am not listening30 min
Active listening30 min
Empathy10 min
Small group discussions40 min
Reflection20 min
Exit ticket10 min
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Course Content

  • Day One: How we view the world
  • Introduction
      Activity: The name game (10 min)
  • Body
      Activity: My frame (20 min)
      Activity: Beyond the River character frame
      Activity: Our bias
  • Conclusion
      Activity: Summarise (10 min)
  • Day Two: Ask and Listen
  • Introduction
      Activity: Two truths, one lie (30 min)
      Activity: I am not listening (30 min)
      Activity: Active listening (30 min)
  • Body
      Activity: Empathy (10 min)
      Activity: Small group discussions (40 min)
  • Conclusion
      Activity: One connection (20 min)
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